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Streamlining Quality Control for Cherry Operations

BuenaFruta is a software solution that digitizes the QC process for Cherry Packing facilities.   Our platform provides customers with real-time sizing & grading information to support packout consistency, maximize grower returns & optimize production efforts.


Buena's Process
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Digital Inputs 

  • Enables QC staff to record sample results via a handheld tablet

  • Allows for findings to be recorded at any location in the facility

  • Eliminates the need for handwritten records, reducing sample time

  • Provides insight on user/QC staff productivity


Facility Dashboard

  • Immediate relay of QC findings to an analytics dashboard displaying:

    • Current lot & variety info

    • Estimated packout per lot

    • Sizing & quality data

  • Allows for quick & efficient adjustments to be made to the grading software

  • Mobile-friendly & offers real-time visibility of operations for owners/facility managers even while off-site

  • Enhances the overall facility impression for prospective buyers & growers


Reports Feature

  • Enables the operator to better understand the quality of the incoming lot

  • Reports can be used by sales staff to create order & run lists

  • Standard & customizable reports offer owners & managers insight on a multitude of facility aspects, including:

    • Productivity of QC personnel

    • Machine performance

    • Fruit quality & overall quality of packed product

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Take Control of Your Packhouse with BuenaFruta

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